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Squirrel removal in minneapolis


A little bit about Squirrels

Squirrels typically enter a home along the roof line or through a roof vent. They like to hang out in attics, causing damage to anything in sight including – electrical wires, wood or beams. This can lead to heat loss, water damage as well as give other wildlife a way into your home. Squirrels are very abundant in the Twin Cities and are the most common wildlife to damage homes and buildings and to nest in area homes.

Gray Squirrels are most common in Minnesota. They have 2 litters a year having of 2 – 9 babies per litter. Gray squirrels do not store food in your attic therefore they have to leave go outside daily.

Red squirrels have 2 litters per year as well, usually 3-5 babies at a time. Red squirrels will store food in your attic.

Flying squirrels are nocturnal. They like to store their food. They do not like cold weather.

Indications that you may have squirrels:

  • Running / fast moving critters in your attic
  • Scratching noises
  • Gnawing on wood
  • Chewing on wires


Squirrel Removal Solution

Preferred Wildlife Solutions will live trap squirrels and relocate them far away. They have been known to return from distances up to 10 miles.

We can complete quality repairs for a reasonable cost as needed.


Damage by Squirrels

Here is some of the damage we have seen done by squirrels.


Squirrel Removal
Hole chewed in roof by Squirrels.


Squirrel Removal
Roof damaged by squirrels
Squirrel Removal
Squirrels bent up a soffit to gain access to an attic.



  • "I had noises in my attic and had no idea what it could be. Tim with Preferred Wildlife Solutions came out and told me I had bats. He got rid of the bats and plugged up the holes where they were coming in."

    - Ernie B. South St. Paul, MN
  • "PWS removed flying squirrels from my attic. Thank you for the job well done!"

    - Carole W., Stillwater
  • "I called Tim from Preferred Wildlife Solutions to remove squirrels from my attic. The squirrels are gone and I am happy."

    - Julie S, Minneapolis, MN
  • "Pocket gophers were tearing up my yard. We tried everything to get rid of them with no luck. Tim came out and took care of them all. We appreciate your efficiency."

    - Bob M, Andover, MN