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snake removal in minneapolis


A little bit about Minnesota Snakes

Snakes can have 20-40 babies every spring. They return to the same den they were born in every year so it doesn’t take many years to accumulate 100’s in one area. In winter they hibernate 12′ below surface or in the warmth of a structures foundation.

Snake Removal Solution

Tim & Charlie will use proven techniques to rid your home or yard of these slithering critters. Upon removal they will patch the entrance points to prevent future entry.

Bull Snakes are common in Minnesota.
Bull Snakes are common in Minnesota.


  • "I had noises in my attic and had no idea what it could be. Tim with Preferred Wildlife Solutions came out and told me I had bats. He got rid of the bats and plugged up the holes where they were coming in."

    - Ernie B. South St. Paul, MN
  • "PWS removed flying squirrels from my attic. Thank you for the job well done!"

    - Carole W., Stillwater
  • "I called Tim from Preferred Wildlife Solutions to remove squirrels from my attic. The squirrels are gone and I am happy."

    - Julie S, Minneapolis, MN
  • "Pocket gophers were tearing up my yard. We tried everything to get rid of them with no luck. Tim came out and took care of them all. We appreciate your efficiency."

    - Bob M, Andover, MN