Wildlife Removal Process:

Wildlife in your home can be a nuisance to say the least. We will work to get those critters out of your home and back into the wild where they belong.

Preferred Wildlife Solutions will make the wildlife removal process simple for you while keeping it humane for the wildlife.

Steps to wildlife removal . . .

  • Call Tim at 763-238-6248
  • He will evaluate what critter it is that has invaded your home, building or property
  • Answer any questions
  • Discuss pricing
  • Set up a wildlife removal appointment (he can usually get to your location on the same day if you call in the morning).
  • Upon arrival, Tim & Charlie will inspect your home/building/property to evaluate the situation thoroughly
  • Advise a plan and start the process
  • Upon completion they can make quality repairs for a reasonable cost.

Safe and Humane Removal

Preferred Wildlife Solutions’ uses a safe and humane approach to removing wildlife from your home, property or business.

One approach to the removal process is called live trapping. This involves luring the animal(s) safely into a cage. The animal(s) are picked up and released in the wild in remote locations ensuring they will not return.

Another approach is to use techniques to deter the animals from returning.

Tim will answer any questions and explain the process to you.